Business Case: Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Developer Company: Addressing Advertising Campaigns through Analysis of Social Networks and Call Logs

Initial situation

The marketing department of our client constantly carries out advertising campaigns across different channels in order to generate more and more commercial opportunities that can become effective sales for the company.
Traditionally, these campaigns were carried out according to the degree of knowledge of the company of the already existing clients, and knowledge of the market in general. The particular interests of the clients were not taken into account, nor was an analysis made of the calls that the interested parties made to the company’s call-center.

Proposed solution

In this case, an Advanced Analytics solution was proposed in which advertising could be directed to a specific audience more efficiently, allowing greater participation and conversion of customers.
This was possible thanks to a segmentation of current opportunities through the application of Articial Intelligence techniques, which allowed us to meet groups of clients with common characteristics and interests. The social network analysis of those involved in these opportunities was a key factor for the success of the solution. On the other hand, an analysis of the calls made by the call-center vendors, recording words used by customers, call times, among other variables, was vital to know the main interests of the contacts.
With this information, the Marketing Department was able to better know the profile of their contacts, and have more precise metrics of the effectiveness of their channels in each customer segment, information that was of great value for the new definition of their advertising campaigns.

Technology Applied

Python – Jupyter Notebooks


After the customer segmentation algorithm was implemented and the insight was reached, the Marketing Departmentand defined new advertising campaigns that increased the conversion rate of opportunities by 10% in a period of 10 months.
In addition, there were more visits to the company’s website and calls to its call center.